graphite fine art drawing of majestic lion

An introduction to drawing…

I am so excited for 2020!

With my two little boys off to school and kinder I will have some guilt-free time to work on my art. My eldest son Tyler is now 6 and before he was born I was working as a Dental Assistant whilst moonlighting as a Graphic Designer. I have a diploma in Graphic Design and enjoyed the creation process. So I started making cards and invites, designing logos and business cards.

I took some time away from work and focused on growing and raising my young family, but two years ago a friend of mine, Hanna, contacted me about doing a drawing for her. I’d created a birth poster for her beautiful little boy and she loved it. She asked me to do a portrait of her friends as a gift. I had always loved drawing and had been accepted into Latrobe University for a Visual Art degree after Year 12. But I wasn’t sure if that was a job that would suit me. So, although drawing had been on the back burner for a while, I accepted the challenge and put every effort into making a great drawing. This was the very beginning of the portraiture side of my business. And I love it.