For the last few years I have worked on building up my art portfolio. Now it is overwhelmingly filled with portraits! Why do I love portraiture so much? I guess I love working on capturing peoples and animals personalities in art. It is very satisfying to watch as a blank piece of paper or canvas slowly evolves into its own being. The light in their eyes. Their expression all convey the persons personality (at least I hope so!). It is a joy to send that piece of art out into the world for others to enjoy.

I find enormous joy in helping grieving families bring to life their loved ones in a tangible way. The portrait on the wall of their loved one, helps to bring something of them back into their homes. And that is something I feel very humbled to be a part in creating.

Animal portraiture is such a fun challenge for me. Pets and wildlife have their own personalities and they vary as much as their texture, size and shape do! Our own family pets are a favourite study of mine and the drawings are a treasured way to keep them in our lives forever.